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Officer's Message:

Welcome to GoJet Airlines AFA Council 031!

On behalf of all of our volunteers, welcome to our new website! Here you can find our current Collective Bargaining Agreement, Newsletters, Contact information, and more.

GoJet Airlines is a single council airline. We now have 4 bases in STL, ORD, EWR, and RIC. GoJet is headquartered in Bridgeton, Missouri and operates the new CRJ 550 aircraft for United Express.

GoJet Flight Attendants voted YES on AFA and a better quality of life in 2016. We ratified our first Collective Bargaining Agreement on February 14, 2020. No one could have imagined just how much our CBA and AFA would protect our jobs, our rights, and our wages in this new world. We are truly fortunate to be an AFA carrier!

In Solidarity,

Mel Higgins, MEC/LEC President

Stephanie Beisel, MEC/LEC Vice President

Joanne Churchill, MEC/LEC Secretary/Treasurer


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