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Hotel and Transportation Committee

This committee addresses Flight Attendant complaints about hotel facilities.

Click here to report an issue with hotels or hotel transportation

Scheduling and Reserve Committees

These committees review schedules every month and look at:

  • Contractual and legal compliance
  • Flight Attendant quality of work life
  • Trip pairings

Our Contract is always your first point of reference and should help you better understand issues like compensation, duty limitations, vacation bidding, and reserve assignment processes along with your rights and responsibilities while working as a lineholder or on reserve status.

The Reserve committee is responsible for monitoring issues specific to Flight Attendants on Reserve status and assisting you in navigating the protections and pay provisions your contract provides. 

Click here to email a member of the Scheduling and Reserve Committees about your concerns

Grievance Committee

This committee advocates for your rights, contractual and legal, and works to uphold the provisions of our contract.

It's up to all flight attendants to ensure the contract is being followed by the company. That means when it’s not, we need you to notify us immediately so we're able to document any potential violations.

For more information, or to report a potential contract violation, contact our Grievance Chair Joanne Churchill