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Introducing your new LEC Officers


Dear GoJet Flight Attendants,

As you know, a special election was recently held to fill the unexpired terms of our AFA Council Officers.

I'm very pleased to introduce Stephanie Beisel as our new LEC Vice President.  A flight attendant beginning her 15th year at GoJet, a mentor and former checkairman, Stephanie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new role.  I'm excited to have her help and insight on our Council.

ORD FA Joanne Churchill has been elected as our new LEC Secretary-Treasurer.  Joanne needs no introduction.  She joined GoJet as a flight attendant just six years ago and has dedicated five of those years to service for and in our union.  She has served as a member of our contract negotiating team, Appointed Secretary-Treasurer and Appointed President (twice!).  She has been involved with every committee and will continue to serve as our Grievance Committee Chair. No words I write here can thank her enough for the countless hours she has spent in meetings, on conference calls, and responding to texts and emails for our members... all while juggling a full flying schedule and balancing her personal life.  I am honored she has agreed to continue her commitment to Council 31 and to our flight attendants as a member of our LEC officer team.

Most of you know me from our Facebook groups and GalleyTalk newsletter and I look forward to engaging with more of you and answering more of your questions as your LEC President.  I've been privileged to work with many of you as a flight attendant in both ORD and DTW bases for the last 9 years and I look forward to meeting our new members (and passing out AFA pins!) in a jetbridge near you.

Since taking office in June, Stephanie, Joanne and I have been busy completing hours of online training modules and orienting to our new roles. We've brought your concerns to management in bimonthly meetings.  We've spent a week attending an AFA New Officer Training course in Baltimore and met with new hire classes in St. Louis.  In the coming weeks our focus will be on updating and expanding our online presence and communications, building member engagement, and expanding our Scheduling and Professional Standards Committees.  We'll be visiting bases and hotels to meet with you and hear your concerns and suggestions, and we welcome your participation and support.

In Unity,

Mel Higgins

[email protected]