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Our Contract IS The Bigger Picture

07 Oct, 2021

Have you heard a scheduler say that they “don’t talk about the contract”..? Has a scheduler ever told you that you don’t see “the bigger picture”…? We are tired of being pushed off the phone and we are here to stand up for ourselves and say that OUR CONTRACT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE!

Don’t know what to say when crew scheduling tries to give us these lines? Our incredible support staff at AFA has worked with us to put together a Scheduling Script! We will be highlighting various parts of our contract and providing you with clarification and a script of exactly what to say in that moment. As long as you remain professional and polite, you have every right to ask these questions! We highly encourage you to print these out and carry them with you. Have them ready to go for the next time your phone rings! Just click the link below:

It is time we all stand together, learn our contract and stand up for our rights. This is our union and we are stronger when our members act to support it and the contract. We are truly stronger together, better together!

New Scheduling Committee!

We are so happy to have two new volunteers for our Scheduling Committee! Please welcome Missy and Kassandra! Our past Scheduling Chair has been working with them to catch them up to speed. Now, they are ready to take over! 

To reach Missy or Kassandra, please contact:

Missy Frank


Kassandra Martinez-Rosario


We are so grateful that Missy and Kassandra have stepped up and offered their time to help our Flight Attendant group with this very important committee!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your commitee members and union officers!

In Solidarity,

Brittany A. Smith, LEC31/MEC President

Morris Bridges, LEC31/MEC Secretary


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